Our Studio

Highly personalised service and passion, combined with a fully equipped boutique fitness studio ensures clients get a full body workout in a private environment

Recharge Plus is a boutique Wellness Studio set in a private setting in Kew, at the rear of 21 Mary Street. Perfectly nestled at the back of this private property, Recharge Plus is the perfect place for those that appreciate privacy and beautiful surroundings when doing their workouts. There is free two-hour parking on the street also.

The Recharge Plus studio offers private and semi-private, sessions where clients are motivated to reach their health and wellbeing goals in a non-intimidating boutique setting as opposed to a busy gym environment.

The studio is fully equipped to cater for a vast modality of fitness training. The main room is used for personal training, small group training, and semi-private group classes. It also has a Fuse Ladder and a Hypervibe machine. The adjoining room is fully equipped with cardio equipment, a seated weights machine, a leg press and a Pilates reformer bed.

The colour scheme is to die for! Lavender oil will be burning, the Himalayan salt lamps will be on, scented candles will burn, beautiful music will play, it’s a divine place to work on your mind and body! There is also a private bathroom and shower facilities and a fridge where healthy snacks and drinks can be purchased.